About Me

Hi. My name is Melanie Ewy (that’s me makin’ a cameo in the background) and I am an English Education major at Missouri State University.
I love reading, and I currently have piles of books all over my room because I have run out of shelves to put them on. While I do own a Nook, I recently came to the bitter realization that regardless of owning them electronically, I will always lust for books in paper form.
Once I start a series, I consider it sacrilege to stop. I have to read it straight through, and I admit that I often re-read my favorite books (even from childhood) about every couple years, which works out since I have many.
My favorite genres are Fantasy and Sci-Fi, although I do enjoy a good teen-romance novel every now and again. My favorite book is Eragon by Christopher Paolini. Most people stop after the 2nd book, but the series is awesome. 

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